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Solar Tracking and Light Level Settings

Solar tracking light level parameters and tracking event conditions

While the DarkStar dual axis controller features convenient editing of tracking parameters via the DarkBlue Android application, our TinyTracker and Track'n Park controllers also utilize the same advanced tracking parameters (which can be customized with an AVR programmer device). The most important values are the Daylight and Sunlight threshold values which determine when the controller is active and when tracking events actually happen. To help explain these settings we've created this diagram to show how these values are used.

Dark Blue and Dark Star 2.0 Solar Tracking Controller

First there was the Tiny Tracker. Soon followed by the Tiny Tracker HD.
Then came the Track'n Park which introduced a programmable parking position.
Then came the Dark Star -- Dual axis Remote Controlled Solar tracker and remote sensor
It used a 315Mhz remote control with 12 buttons, but that was so '90s and just another thing to have to keep track of.

Track'n Park Controller with Programmable Park Position

Track'n Park with labeled features
Simple configuration diagram

Home CSP is happy to announce our newest and most advanced single-axis tracking controller board. The Track'n Park raises the bar for solar photo-tracking functionality, and is the only compact controller available with a programmable park position and remote park trigger capability. These features can help move PV arrays to a safe position to reduce risk of damage from high winds. The normal East-return position of a polar tracker presents a potentially large surface area to the wind. Positioning the array horizontally to the wind can protect the array.

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