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New DarkStar Solar Tracker Android Application -- Dark Blue 2.0

Screenshot of android application

We've published version 2.0 of the DarkBlue Android application for use with our Dark Star dual axis solar tracking controller. This version really makes setting up and monitoring the Dark Star controller an easy and fun experience. Installed users should get update notifications through Google Play Store services.
The DarkBlue application uses the smart phone's Bluetooth module to communicate with the Dark Star controller and provides a full featured configuration utility.
The new version features a completely revamped GUI and color scheme.

Dual Axis Astronomical Solar Mega Tracker Video Series

We now have six part video series to introduce the dual axis astronomical solar tracking Mega Tracker. All the the steps in setting up the main axis (most of which is identical for the elevation axis) are shown in full detail.

New UNO Single-Axis Solar Tracking Controller

This March is our 6'th company anniversary, and we are happy to celebrate with the release of our best single-axis solar tracking controller yet:
The UNO.
What the UNO tracker lacks in terms of fancy features it makes up for with a basic robust and user friendly design.
Key features that set the UNO tracker apart:
- twice the current handling capability of our other controllers
- single-axis remote solar sensor
- membrane keypad for easy operation
- ultra-low ambient current usage

Dark Blue and Dark Star 2.0 Solar Tracking Controller

First there was the Tiny Tracker. Soon followed by the Tiny Tracker HD.
Then came the Track'n Park which introduced a programmable parking position.
Then came the Dark Star -- Dual axis Remote Controlled Solar tracker and remote sensor
It used a 315Mhz remote control with 12 buttons, but that was so '90s and just another thing to have to keep track of.

Using an Anemometer with the Track'n Park

Track'n Park Controller with Programmable Park Position

Track'n Park with labeled features
Simple configuration diagram

Home CSP is happy to announce our newest and most advanced single-axis tracking controller board. The Track'n Park raises the bar for solar photo-tracking functionality, and is the only compact controller available with a programmable park position and remote park trigger capability. These features can help move PV arrays to a safe position to reduce risk of damage from high winds. The normal East-return position of a polar tracker presents a potentially large surface area to the wind. Positioning the array horizontally to the wind can protect the array.

New Product - HB2 Heavy Duty Motor Driver

This is the perfect MOSFET based motor driver for heavy duty satellite dish style linear actuators. Opto-isolated to protect your control circuit. Just supply separate power (like from our step-up converters) to the HB2 for the actuator motor, and all connections are neatly managed.

TinyTracker HD

While the original TinyTracker has been a huge success, it is limited to about 2A maximum current which isn't enough for larger heavy duty tracking motors. Responding to the need for a tracking controller that can handle more power, Home CSP Inc.created the TinyTracker HD. The HD boards are distinguishable at a glance from the original by the red PCB. While it has the same basic footprint and microprocessor as the original TinyTracker, the new design features MOSFETs instead of the Darlington transistors on the original, and should handle up to 8A of current.

Light Vane Template

While the TinyTracker usually works fine by itself, sometimes due to reflections or environmental factors (trees, clouds, buildings, etc.) tracking accuracy may be less than desired. The use of a light vane almost always remedies this situation. Azimuth trackers in particular may need this since the incident solar angle varies throughout the day, and is often far from ideal at noon.

KickStarter Project Launch

Solibrium Project postcard front side

Today marks the launch of the "Solibrium" project on KickStarter. Solibrium is a dual-axis solar tracking pole mount system. The name was inspired by the concept of solar-equilibrium, which is the basic principle of operation for light detector based solar trackers.


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