New Parabolic Trough Components

I am happy to announce we have a new line of parabolic trough components that are available in our store. For the traditionalists, we have a standard parabolic rib with a 37" aperture and 6" focal length designed for a 48" wide reflector. For you cutting-edge types, we have our own special compound parabolic ribs that are designed for twin 24" reflectors and have a 6" focal plane.

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Check out these great deals available in our store:

TinyTracker board, $29.95 18" actuator, $39.95

24" actuator, $44.95

Thanks for visiting the new Home CSP site! We strive to be the best resource for residential and DIY active solar technology. Our own digital tracking single-axis controller, the SolarMega1 sets a new standard for affordability and features in a digital tracker, while the TinyTracker provides an ultimate low-cost simple single-axis solution.

Are you new to active solar technologies like tracking devices and CSP? We've got lot's of resources to help you understand the concepts and plan your project.
Need 12VDC regulators, temperature sensors, relay modules, actuators, motor drivers, controllers, parabolic dishes, or complete kits? Check out the HomeCSP Store for great deals on all these hard to find items!

UPDATE 4/1/2012:

SolarMega1 controllers will be not ship till May to allow for software testing and user documentation to be completed.

The Vision

Imagine that the sun comes up in the morning, and your PV panels orient themselves to catch the light. While a few of the heliostats in the yard point towards the compound parabolic solar reception unit for heating water, another heliostat directs an extra beam of light into your breakfast nook and helps warm it up while providing light for the room. As soon as the water has heated up enough, or sooner if your batteries had been low, your heliostats direct themselves to your 1kw Stirling engine generator system.

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