Mega Tracker

Digital Solar tracking controller

It's been long time coming...

The Mega Tracker is our most powerful solar tracking controller. Astronomical algorithms calculate the sun's position, and the controller can calculate the array angle based on motor pulse feedback. The Mega tracker can be used for either single or dual-axis tracking where the best accuracy is needed. External motor drivers provide a reliable modular design. The sealed membrane keypad and NEMA rated enclosure makes stand-alone configuration easy, and the wireless integration features make remote operation and Home Automation support possible.

Setup Video Series

Remote Control with XBee wireless modules

Supports Alt-Azi, Equatorial, and Horizontal tracking mounts
Supports geared axis or linear actuator motors
Fully configurable for most DIY tracking mounts
Scheduled Track/Park/Wash event support
Optional Wind sensor input
Optional dual-axis light sensor input
Smart Tracking mode tracks according to light sensor input under cloudy conditions

Motor Control
- dual channel external motor driver support via RJ-45 connections or pin headers
- variety of driver control protocols supported
- reed switch or Hall effect sensor pulse feedback required

- 16 pin HD4470 LCD connector
- pwm controlled lcd backlight

- Total of 7 analog/digital configurable I/O ports
- +5 and GND connections for each port
- pull-up resistor configuration with solder jumpers
- 1 dedicated digital i/o port.

- buzzer for alarm
- RTC w/battery backup
- on-board temperature sensor