New Product - HB2 Heavy Duty Motor Driver

This is the perfect MOSFET based motor driver for heavy duty satellite dish style linear actuators. Opto-isolated to protect your control circuit. Just supply separate power (like from our step-up converters) to the HB2 for the actuator motor, and all connections are neatly managed.

TinyTracker HD

While the original TinyTracker has been a huge success, it is limited to about 2A maximum current which isn't enough for larger heavy duty tracking motors. Responding to the need for a tracking controller that can handle more power, Home CSP Inc.created the TinyTracker HD. The HD boards are distinguishable at a glance from the original by the red PCB. While it has the same basic footprint and microprocessor as the original TinyTracker, the new design features MOSFETs instead of the Darlington transistors on the original, and should handle up to 8A of current.

Solibrium Prototype Update

The Solibrium prototype has been slowly but steadily coming together. After a week of frustration with less than ideal equipment, the welding was all done. The metal has been cleaned up and primed, and the pieces have been assembed on the test stand. First experiment at making the bushings didnt' quite work as expected, but I've found some UHMW polyethylene material that's the right size. Still need to drill out some of the bolt holes before fitting the actuators, but not much more needs to be done.

Home CSP Incorporates

As of Oct 1, for our six month aniversary, we get to add Inc. to our name! Same company, same ownership, but even more great solar tracking products to come. Our new corporate status means we can take advantage of the Sales Tax exemption for solar businesses in the state of Texas, which saves our Texas customers money! There is a great new tracking mount we will soon be offering, as well as some other new products in the pipeline, but I can't say more just yet.

New TinyTrackers in Stock

I'm happy to announce that the first 100 TinyTracker boards have sold out, and the second batch has arrived. The new boards feature a blocking diode that prevents the board from being damaged by reverse polarity at the power connection. The basic circuit remains unchanged having proven itself well with the first batch of boards.
A new version featuring MOSFETs instead of Darlington transistors is also under development, and should be available soon. The MOSFET version can easily handle over 10A at 24Vdc for large heavy duty actuators.

Power Supply Blues

I received a box full of rows of little shiny circuit boards. On the outside of the box was written "LM2577", and they looked so very similar - yet they were LM2596 step-down regulators. That means the supply of the 12-24v step up power supplies will be limited for a while. There are just some aspects of shipping that are completely out of control, but I'm trying my best to keep products rolling out the door.

Light Vane Template

While the TinyTracker usually works fine by itself, sometimes due to reflections or environmental factors (trees, clouds, buildings, etc.) tracking accuracy may be less than desired. The use of a light vane almost always remedies this situation. Azimuth trackers in particular may need this since the incident solar angle varies throughout the day, and is often far from ideal at noon.

New Product - Manual Control Switch

The latest HomeCSP product lets you take manual control of a tracking motor for those special situations where you need to do cleaning or maintenance of your array. A weatherproof PVC junction box with a clear polycarbonate cover houses the rubber booted toggle switches. One switch toggles between automatic (tracker) and manual control, while the other allows momentary forward or reverse control of the motor when in manual mode. Simply insert the manual control switch in between your tracking controller and motor, and supply DC power for the manual control operation.

Why are utilites interested in Smart-Grid technology?

Austin Texas is home to the Pecan Street Project, which sounds like a warm fuzzy downtown neighborhood group, but actually was created by the City of Austin and Austin Energy, and also included U.T. and the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce as founding members. You may have noticed a little bit of the buzz in the utility industry surrounding new so-called Smart-Grid technologies. This is really just a fancy way of getting you to consume power when it's convenient for the utility company.

New R&D and the Solibrium Tracker Project

For those who missed it, I launched the Solibrium project on a little over a month ago. Unfortunately I wasn't able to drum up the support for the project that I had hoped, and so it was canceled, but that isn't the end of the project. Thanks to everyone who's purchased a TinyTracker kit, there's enough money in the bank for some more R&D! The original Solibrium altitude-azimuth tracker design is being built, and plans are in the works for a polar mount version as well.


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