TinyTracker Demonstration Video

I finally finished a TinyTracker demo video and uploaded it to YouTube. It shows how a light-sensor based single-axis solar tracking device operates. It should help orient
viewers to how to connect and setup their own TinyTracker.

Building a solar tracking website

Well I've been working on the website a bit lately. Much of the stuff first put up a year ago needed updating! Hopefully it all makes a little bit more sense and is easier to navigate our solar tracker solutions.

Press Release: Solar tracker company Home CSP prepares for first anniversary

The following press release was made by the service PR Urgent: Austin, Texas (Feb 4, 2013)

Solar tracker company Home CSP prepares for first anniversary

Having sold hundreds of solar tracking controllers in their first year of business, and gone from a sole proprietorship to a corporation, emerging solar electronics maker Home CSP, Inc. is preparing for it's first anniversary with optimism.

Home CSP tweets!

Now you can stay informed about new products and exciting solar developments at Home CSP by following us on Twitter @HomeCSP. I'll be tweeting information about things like the upcoming dual-axis Mega Tracker, and more. I know you've got a thousand things to follow already, but we promise to keep it brief and interesting. We're excited about the new things to come in 2013. So join us on Twitter as we roll out the innovations!

New Product! Tiny VCS, a.k.a. Solar Load Controller

Tiny VCS connections labeled
Voltage divider module features

Home CSP is happy to roll out this great little gadget, and out first new product for 2013. Solar power installations can frequently benefit from the ability to enable or disable power to certain devices depending upon solar power availability and battery levels. The Tiny VCS (a.k.a. voltage controlled switch) can act as a solar load controller for a variety of uses. Much to our amazement when we looked around, there was only one other solar load controller that we could find on the market, and it lists for more than twice our price!

Looking forward in 2013

Thanks to all of our customers in 2012! We sold hundreds of our TinyTracker boards with many going to repeat customers. We thank you for your business, and hope to serve you in the coming year with new controllers and tracking mount solutions!

Heavy Duty 36" Stroke Actuators Now In Stock!

Most actuators on the market that are being used for solar tracking are in fact re-purposed C-band satellite dish actuators that were never meant for the same frequency of operation as solar tracking motors. Our new VMA36 actuator was engineered for utility scale solar tracking applications, but now it's available to you!
With 6000 lb. static, and 1500 lb. dynamic load capacity this is the perfect actuator for large arrays. Full 36" stroke allows longer control arm length for maximum loads.

Changing Your TinyTracker Firmware

One great feature of the TinyTracker boards is the fact that they can be reprogrammed by uploading new firmware with a USBasp or similar AVR/ISP programmer. The easiest way to do this is with the freely available AVRdude software that comes with the Arduino development environment. The following article will tell you how to do this and hopefully demystify the process along the way. The instructions are written for Windows users but can easily be modified for Mac OS X and Linux users, and are applicable to both the original TinyTracker and TinyTracker HD models.

New Product - HB2 Heavy Duty Motor Driver

This is the perfect MOSFET based motor driver for heavy duty satellite dish style linear actuators. Opto-isolated to protect your control circuit. Just supply separate power (like from our step-up converters) to the HB2 for the actuator motor, and all connections are neatly managed.

TinyTracker HD

While the original TinyTracker has been a huge success, it is limited to about 2A maximum current which isn't enough for larger heavy duty tracking motors. Responding to the need for a tracking controller that can handle more power, Home CSP Inc.created the TinyTracker HD. The HD boards are distinguishable at a glance from the original by the red PCB. While it has the same basic footprint and microprocessor as the original TinyTracker, the new design features MOSFETs instead of the Darlington transistors on the original, and should handle up to 8A of current.


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