New Parabolic Trough Components

I am happy to announce we have a new line of parabolic trough components that are available in our store. For the traditionalists, we have a standard parabolic rib with a 37" aperture and 6" focal length designed for a 48" wide reflector. For you cutting-edge types, we have our own special compound parabolic ribs that are designed for twin 24" reflectors and have a 6" focal plane.
These ribs are CNC cut from quality primed MDO plywood which is commonly used for outdoor signs and will last for many years. Each rib has three pre-cut holes which are intended to be used with standard 1/2" pipe for quick alignment and assembly of the ribs into a full parabolic trough shape.
We've also developed our own custom dual channel heat fins for use with our compound parabolic trough design. These fit 3/4" copper pipe and help maximize heat flow under the higher solar concentrations encountered with a parabolic trough.
Buy a bunch or just get one and use it as a template for your own. Quantity discounts help you put together your own parabolic trough kit!
For more information, visit the Receivers section of our web store.