Track'n Park Controller with Programmable Park Position

Track'n Park with labeled features
Simple configuration diagram

Home CSP is happy to announce our newest and most advanced single-axis tracking controller board. The Track'n Park raises the bar for solar photo-tracking functionality, and is the only compact controller available with a programmable park position and remote park trigger capability. These features can help move PV arrays to a safe position to reduce risk of damage from high winds. The normal East-return position of a polar tracker presents a potentially large surface area to the wind. Positioning the array horizontally to the wind can protect the array. Alternatively in an area with hail damage potential you may wish to park the array at a certain angle to minimize hail exposure. Before the Track'n Park, there were few to no options available for the average person.

The Track’n Park evolved from Home CSP’s original TinyTracker, a little board less than 2” square which has all the electronics needed to sense the sun’s position and control a motor to aim a PV panel. The Track'n Park has been expanded just slightly (to a full 5cm x 5cm) to accommodate an 8A on-board replaceable fuse that provides over-current protection. While the TinyTracker and most other photo-tracking designs ignore the standard reed-switch pulse signal from the linear actuator, the Track'n Park uses the pulse feedback signal to support park position location as well as provide stall protection for the motor driver, which most other photo trackers also lack.
Automatic first time setup finds the middle position for actuator travel and assigns that as the night time park position, rather than the simple full east-return used by other tracking controllers. A small button allows the operator to both initiate park configuration and select the desired position. A unique "wag" motion signals start of the configuration sweep and user selected park position confirmation. An opto-isolated input terminal allows an external signal from a remote control or similar device to cause the controller to invoke the park function. Like the TinyTracker HD, the Track’nPark features a MOSFET motor driver which can handle more current for actuators used with larger arrays, and is conformally coated for moisture and oxidation resistance.

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