Building a solar tracking website

Well I've been working on the website a bit lately. Much of the stuff first put up a year ago needed updating! Hopefully it all makes a little bit more sense and is easier to navigate our solar tracker solutions.
I got a phone call from a SEO service which alerted me to the fact that there's still a lot of work to be done to improve the web site rankings. Since I want this to be the #1 website for solar tracking, we've got a long way to go from our present Google score of zero. Since my "wakeup" call, I've created a Twitter account (@homecsp) for you to follow us on, as well as updated our Facebook and LinkedIn sites. Please share a little love with us and give us a "Like" or Tweet to help boost our search rankings.
Checking out the way the "players" are doing it, it would seem that the SEO people have set up some websites of their own which are expressly for the purpose of hosting links to sites that want to increase their search rank. I'm not pointing a finger, I'm just saying things look that way. A thin facade of "business listing" helps keep the search engines happy enough to tally up all the back-links and get those who want to play the game in front. I don't like that game.
With a more honest approach in mind, I went ahead and at least finally got out a press release for our up coming one year anniversary on March 1.

Getting started finally on some videos for YouTube. Look for those soon!