Press Release: Solar tracker company Home CSP prepares for first anniversary

The following press release was made by the service PR Urgent: Austin, Texas (Feb 4, 2013)

Solar tracker company Home CSP prepares for first anniversary

Having sold hundreds of solar tracking controllers in their first year of business, and gone from a sole proprietorship to a corporation, emerging solar electronics maker Home CSP, Inc. is preparing for it's first anniversary with optimism.

Home CSP’s flagship product is a little board less than 2” square called the TinyTracker and has all the electronics need to sense the sun’s position and control a motor to aim a PV panel. Company founder and CEO Mark MacDonald says “billions of dollars are being spent on utility scale projects using solar tracking technology, but the residential/private market is the sleeping giant.” The company has found a wide market of enthusiastic DIY people creating their own mounts, and knows that this will grow. Mr. MacDonald says he is “surprised by the amount of international demand for our products from all parts of the globe, the market is really wide open right now. The opportunity for growth is very exciting. We’re trying to differentiate ourselves with embedded software and a non-utility market approach.”
Launch of the original TinyTracker was eventually followed by the TinyTracker HD which can handle more current for larger arrays. The company attracted a private investor and incorporated in October. Continued research and development promises to produce several new solar tracking products for the upcoming year including a unique digital tracking system.

In celebration of first year, the company will offer a 10% discount on all TinyTrackers purchased during the last two weeks of February on its website.

Home CSP, Inc. is dedicated to helping develop the home energy market with products for non-passive solar energy systems. They are advocates for all forms of solar energy, but particularly active solar tracking and specialize in solar robotics for non-utility scale PV and CSP systems of various types and configurations.

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Home CSP, Inc.
21110 Northland Dr, Lago Vista, TX 78645