TinyTracker HD

While the original TinyTracker has been a huge success, it is limited to about 2A maximum current which isn't enough for larger heavy duty tracking motors. Responding to the need for a tracking controller that can handle more power, Home CSP Inc.created the TinyTracker HD. The HD boards are distinguishable at a glance from the original by the red PCB. While it has the same basic footprint and microprocessor as the original TinyTracker, the new design features MOSFETs instead of the Darlington transistors on the original, and should handle up to 8A of current. Voltage is limited to 30v dc maximum, 24v recommended, which is adequate for most heavy duty actuator motors.
The TinyTracker HD is particularly suitable for larger PV arrays (60 sq.ft. and up). Because wind gusts can exert very high loads on the actuator arms of larger arrays, PMA/Superjack HARL actuators (originally designed for 6' satellite dishes) are not recommended. Stronger linear actuators such as the QARL 2436, or Jaeger SuperJack HD draw around 5 to 6 amps at maximum load, and can support up to about 2000lbs of force vs. the 800lbs of the PMA actuators. The larger heavy duty solar actuators from Venture Mfg draw up to about 7 amps max, but can handle 6000lbs of force!
Some of our (few) competitors sell tracking controllers which use relays in order to handle the current of larger motors, but a quick analysis of the MTBF (mean time between failure) for the relay contacts shows why this won't work. Because the relays have to switch on/off approximately 240 times per day, most relays will last little more than a year or so before needing replacement. The MOSFETs incorporated into the solid state design of the TinyTracker HD completely solve this problem and can provide years of reliable operation.
The TinyTracker HD is available in the Home CSP store.