New Temperature Park Trigger Demo - Mega Solar Tracker Controller

One of the things that really gets me excited about the Mega Tracker is the possibilities with the i/o ports located along the right side. The Mega Tracker provides a total of 9 general purpose i/o ports. This video shows a peak at what is possible. The first seven ports have ADC for analog inputs. The last two may be used only for digital i/o.

Each port is defined with a device type and assigned to a relevant parameter value (there are over 10 parameters mapped).
With the latest firmware output fields based on parameter conditions have been added, along with park trigger options and inverse logic.

These features make the Mega Tracker an excellent choice in solar CSP or CHP systems where signal options facilitate a better integrated system.
In the attached video I go through setting up a temperature sensor and using it as a high temperature alarm to trigger a park event. An important feature to augment a standard differential temperature controller when using solar CSP.