New DarkStar Solar Tracker Android Application -- Dark Blue 2.0

Screenshot of android application

We've published version 2.0 of the DarkBlue Android application for use with our Dark Star dual axis solar tracking controller. This version really makes setting up and monitoring the Dark Star controller an easy and fun experience. Installed users should get update notifications through Google Play Store services.
The DarkBlue application uses the smart phone's Bluetooth module to communicate with the Dark Star controller and provides a full featured configuration utility.
The new version features a completely revamped GUI and color scheme.
The configuration sections are now collapsible and contextually appropriate based on pulse feedback utilization.
Each parameter has information to help explain it's purpose.
The new Current Light Level display and tracking diagram help explain the light level settings. As much information as practical has been included in the application to avoid the need to refer to a user manual.
The DarkBlue/Home CSP icon in the top left of the screen launches an "About" screen, which in addition to providing Bluetooth connectivity help also has a physical controller features reference to aid with wiring questions. A button is also provided to open a browser window with the Home CSP Dark Star web page for even more info.
Bluetooth connection error handling has also been greatly improved. The dreaded "Broken Pipe" error message, that used to require rebooting your Android device, has been resolved. Walking away or otherwise loosing signal now just displays a status message that the connection has been lost.
A lot of time was spent improving the look and feel of the configuration section, and the wording for all of the help messages. Hopefully you will like it as much as I do!