Dark Blue and Dark Star 2.0 Solar Tracking Controller

First there was the Tiny Tracker. Soon followed by the Tiny Tracker HD.
Then came the Track'n Park which introduced a programmable parking position.
Then came the Dark Star -- Dual axis Remote Controlled Solar tracker and remote sensor
It used a 315Mhz remote control with 12 buttons, but that was so '90s and just another thing to have to keep track of.

Now there's the Dark Star 2.0, and Dark Blue
The most advanced solar photo-tracking controller available with Android Bluetooth control.

You don't want a solar tracker that's going to let you down in an emergency. You don't want one
that depends on GPS satellites or cloud services, but wouldn't it be nice to use your Android
smart phone to configure and control your solar tracker?

Just pair your Bluetooth enabled smart phone with the Dark Star Bluetooth transmitter, and the
Dark Blue Android application can connect and display real-time actuator position and sensor
data, along with control over all functions, including a dual axis manual motor control and
complete control over parking position with unambiguous display values.
All Tracking configuration parameters are fully exposed for easy customization to your system.

The Dark Blue Android application was developed specifically for the Dark Star and is available for free on the Google Play store. This provides a secure and trusted way for you to download the latest version.

User control over light level thresholds and sensor balancing capabilities make Dark Blue compatible with a wide variety of sensor signals.
And the analog windspeed sensor functionality makes implementing an automatic parking system for high winds as simple as possible.

Just like the original Dark Star, Dark Star 2.0 is compatible with all DC actuators and slewing
motors with or without pulse feedback. Improved Mosfets can handle 10A @ 24v and provide long-
term solid state reliability vs relay controllers.

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