New 3D Printed Enclosure Lids

3d printed PETG plastic enclosure lid
Assembled 3d printed lid and enclosure

Our TinyTracker series and Track'nPark enclosures now feature a 3D printed PETG plastic lid that is superior to commercially available ones made of polypropylene or metal. To top it off we've also incorporated a durable silicone gasket for a perfect seal. While polypropylene lids appear to hold up for a couple of years, the plastic becomes brittle and can easily crack - leading to moisture possibly ruining your electronics. The metal lids we've tried have been both too thin, and not resistant to corrosion from outdoor exposure. PETG plastic has excellent UV and humidity resistance, and is also very strong and remains flexible so it won't crack. These properties make it ideal for enclosure use. Our custom lid design incorporates an inner ring which with the 1/16" silicone gasket helps provide a superior seal to the glass rim to keep moisture out. Our high quality clear PETG filament absorbs a minimal amount of sunlight and helps keep your electronics as cool as possible. Combined with our edge-on pcb orienation and clear glass enclosure, you can be assured you have the lowest operating temperature possible for your solar tracking electronics so that they'll work for years to come. The best part is that we'll be keeping prices the same, as well as offering discounted replacement lids upon request to previous customers who have purchased our enclosures.