New TinyTracker Firmware Available

We're happy to release a new version of the TinyTracker firmware. Rev G as it's affectionately known effectively eliminates the need for other firmware versions! All of the possible tracking parameters are stored in EEPROM. Using a simple Arduino program all the parameters may be customized as desired. While the firmware upgrade process is a bit more involved since you have to setup the Arduino IDE, the benefits of full customization are worth it. As with our other firmware upgrades, you'll still need a USBasp or similar AVR programmer for transferring code to your TinyTracker device.

Here's a look at the available parameters:

  • balance - east-west balance: positive values increase east and decrease west
  • daylight - ADC summed value of east and west sensors: default 450
  • sunlight - must be greater than or equal to daylight: default 480
  • track_period - milliseconds between tracking updates: default 195000
  • max_run - milliseconds, maximum motor run time (east-return):default 190000
  • max_track - milliseconds, maximum allowed run time during tracking updates: default 5000
  • east_inhib - 0 or 1, turns east inhibit feature off or on: default 0
  • alt_axis - 0 for primary axis, 1 for secondary elevation axis use - reverses night return position: default 0
  • pwm - 0-255, pulse width modulation for reducing motor speed: default 255

This puts the power to make more power in your hands! You won't find another board like the TinyTracker with as many features.

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