DarkStar 2.0 Dual Axis Controller w/Bluetooth

Dark Star 2.0 Solar Tracking Controller and External Sensor
Dark Star 2.0 Solar Tracking Controller Wiring Connections

New 2.0 Version features integrated Bluetooth Android configuration application for ultimate tracker control. One of the most common questions about photo-tracking controllers is so-called "seeking" behavior under cloudy conditions and transition back to sunny. The Dark Blue Android application allows you to monitor real-time sensor values, set daylight and sunlight threshold values for tracking activity, and also adjust motor run time to fine tune your system for optimum performance. No other tracker offers this level of control.
The heart of the Dark Star is the dual axis controller, it combines all the functionality of our most advanced single-axis controller with many new features:

  • Remote light sensor allows more sensitive electronics to be isolated
  • Integrated analog set-point control for wind speed trigger from anemometers
  • Bluetooth 2.0 control with Android application provides manual control of motors all tracking parameters.
  • Easily replaceable automotive type fuse
  • Full reverse polarity input protection

A unique feature of the Dark Star is the ability to discriminately utilize pulse-feedback positioning on both primary and secondary axis. What that means is if pulses are detected during the start-up motor test, then the controller will enable all of the features which require pulse-feedback for operation, such as stall detection and custom park position.

  • Compatible with any dual-axis mount based on an Altitude-Azimuth, Equatorial, or Polar geometry.
  • Compatible with most linear actuators and slew drives that are equipped with DC brushed permanent magnet motors.
  • Pulse feedback is compatible with both reed-switch, and Hall-effect type sensors. For Hall sensors separate 5v power is required.

The eyes of the DarkStar are in the remote sensor module 4 pairs of opposed LEDs provide photo-sensing for the two axis.

  • 1/2” 90 deg conduit connector facilitates easy mounting to array
  • Custom PET plastic dome provides long lasting, light weight, weather protection as well as optimal optic presentation.
  • Clear enclosure and white PCB minimizes operating temperatures
  • Unique Built-in Light Vane for accurate solar angle

Basic Dark Star Package Includes:

  • Dark Star 2.0 controller board
  • Enclosure w/ 5 cable glands
  • Dual Axis Sensor Module with ~4m (12') cable
  • Free Dark Blue Android application available on Google Play


  • Motor Driver: 2 H-Bridge drivers for DC Brushed type motors
  • Voltage: 36v dc max, 12-30 recommended
  • Max Current: 10A, fuse protected, reverse polarity protected
  • Max Motor Current:: 10A @12v, 8A @24V
  • Max Motor Wattage: 175W, Tracking Period: adjustable 1-60 minutes
  • Motor Stall Period: 0.25-2 seconds
  • Max Motor Run: adjustable 1 to 10 minutes
  • Park Delay: adjustable 5-120 minutes