Tracking Mounts and Resources

The Solibrium dual axis mount is optimized for linear actuator operation and can support various tracking applications including photo-voltaic, parabolic dish, and heliostat applications. It is designed to withstand hurricane strength winds with up to 2KW of panels.
Please contact us directly for more information about the Solibrium system.

Side-of-Pole Mount

Our single axis side-of-pole mount is a unique solar tracking system practical for single panel use. It can easily be mounted on the side of a wall as well as any sturdy wooden pole. Polar axis achieves ideal single-axis efficiency. Can provide a unique and high tech awning!
Please contact us directly for more information about our SOP product.

Free Resources

Instructions for how to turn a BMX bike frame into a single or dual axis tracker.

Solar Oven Plans
Coming Soon! Instructions for how to build an effective solar oven.

Rotating Table
Coming Soon!Instructions for how to build a tracking table for a solar oven.

Compound Parabolic Receiver
Coming Soon! Compound parabolic receivers are designed for non-imaging applications such as solar energy and offer the advantage of off-axis tolerance, which means they often don't even require a tracking system!