Now Available - Dark Blue and Dark Star 2.0

First there was the Tiny Tracker. Soon followed by the Tiny Tracker HD.
Then came the Track'n Park which introduced a programmable parking position.
Then came the Dark Star -- Dual axis Remote Controlled Solar tracker and remote sensor
It used a 315Mhz remote control with 12 buttons, but that was so '90s and just another thing to have to keep track of.

New Isolated Motor Driver Module

Our new HB v2 motor driver module is ideal for linear actuator control. It features fully isolated i/o and ground signals between MCU and the motor power circuit. Special circuitry even provides opto-isolation of the pulse signal to help prevent controller damage, while on-board +5v logic supply for Hall type pulse sensors provides broad compatibility and simplifies connections. Indicator LEDs help make testing simple. 300W rated MOSFETS with heat sinks and fuse protection make it safe and strong, while the 5cm size lets you squeeze a couple into your project box with no problems.

Free Warning Sticker till Dec 15 w/ea Order


The other month I got a friendly visit from my local fire inspector. One of my (cough) nice neighbors was presumably concerned about my safety so I was reported for my odd assortment of solar panels (ok, I've got a test tracker stand in my driveway, so what?). Of course I'd installed everything correctly with conduit, cut-off breakers, etc., but I didn't have any warning stickers, which are apparently required by International Fire Code 605.11.1.1-4 (who the heck gets to vote for this stuff anyway?).

New 3D Printed Enclosure Lids

3d printed PETG plastic enclosure lid
Assembled 3d printed lid and enclosure

Our TinyTracker series and Track'nPark enclosures now feature a 3D printed PETG plastic lid that is superior to commercially available ones made of polypropylene or metal. To top it off we've also incorporated a durable silicone gasket for a perfect seal. While polypropylene lids appear to hold up for a couple of years, the plastic becomes brittle and can easily crack - leading to moisture possibly ruining your electronics. The metal lids we've tried have been both too thin, and not resistant to corrosion from outdoor exposure.

New TinyTracker Firmware Available

We're happy to release a new version of the TinyTracker firmware. Rev G as it's affectionately known effectively eliminates the need for other firmware versions! All of the possible tracking parameters are stored in EEPROM. Using a simple Arduino program all the parameters may be customized as desired. While the firmware upgrade process is a bit more involved since you have to setup the Arduino IDE, the benefits of full customization are worth it. As with our other firmware upgrades, you'll still need a USBasp or similar AVR programmer for transferring code to your TinyTracker device.

3d Printed Enclosures for TinyVCS and TDiff

Sometimes it's nice to put a little plastic around the electronics for protection as well as appearance. We've struggled with how to provide enclosures for some of our small electronics where we just don't have the volume to justify custom injection molded enclosures. Thanks to the 3D printing revolution, we've solved that problem! Our first offering is a nice little enclosure for the TinyVCS/Wind Trigger board.It has a small flange that can be drilled/screwed for mounting, and the two halves both snap together and are held by recessed screws on the top.

I Sense Something

This is a video for the new Temperature Differential Controller!

New Wind Trigger Functionality and Video

I was inspired by the new DarkStar controller's wind speed learning features, and incorporated the same functionality into the Tiny VCS Wind Trigger. The Wind Trigger version of the Tiny VCS features a lower maximum sensed voltage (15V) for greater sensitivity, faster sample and update frequency, and minimal hysteresis. These features help provide optimal functionality for wind trigger applications.

DarkStar Solar Tracker Bench Demo Video

This three part video covers basic features and operation, remote control configuration, and park and wind trigger functionality for the DarkStar dual-axis tracking controller.

Part 2: R/C Configuration

Part 3: Park Configuration & Wind Trigger Functions

Track'n Park Demo Video

After creating a video for the anemometer interface, I realized we didn't have a basic video explaining the park function and what makes the Track'n Park different from the TinyTracker series. it is:


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